Amanda seyfried channing tatum dating are hollie and joshua dating

Trust me, I’ve seen a lot of bad films in this genre and this is definitely not one of them.

To help promote the film, I recently got to speak with Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried.

They’re still together, but his best friend Tim’s wife has apparently been on "vacation" for the last half a year.

I think she wised up and just fled this movie.**Pappademas: **Also, I understand that the dad had a stroke and can’t talk, but why does that mean Tatum has to read the letter to him out loud? Lesson to all you lovesick dudes out there: just give the other guy fatal lymphatic cancer and it will ALL work out.**Pappademas: **He’s selling his dad’s coin collection.

If Nicholas Sparks has his finger on the pulse of what modern young women want, I think we can now conclusively say they want their men DUMB.**Fierman: **He’s back for an 18 hour shore leave.Picking a movie for date night presents a bit of a struggle, especially if your girlfriend loves romantic flicks and you just do not vibe with them.You keep finding excuses to miss movie night – maybe .You probably sat through a few that felt so gushy you lost all interest in love whatsoever, and romance often lacks the charisma of the chick-flick genre.To get your opinion across, vote up all the sappy/ridiculous/dreadful movies your girlfriend makes you watch over and over again.

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