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Brad Shannon a former teenage rent boy alleges Mother Goose drugged and abducted him in 1984. He was 15 and living on the street after repeatedly walking out of Lochiel Park, a government facility for children in state care in Adelaide.

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And it may be even harder to find a family member or friend who will stand by you and give you support, or who has the knowledge and experience to give you sound advice.

The next day, Stephane and Samantha rented (a Canadian cult classic about three couples getting it on in the woods) and proceeded to have sex all weekend.

A few days later, with her husband’s blessing, Samantha was naked on Grande Red Eye Bold’s couch.

While being accused of any crime presents challenges, sex crimes accusations are especially contentious and emotionally charged, particularly if they involve children.

The result can be tremendously damaging to your personal life, causing the loss of a job, a strain on personal and family relationships, and damage to one's reputation and social standing, even if the charges are eventually dropped or reduced.

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