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If a guy asks a trans woman how big she is, he is a fetisher. They come in all sizes, all shapes, and they're all disgusting. There are tons of sites for queer people, but they either aren't popular enough to have a wide collection of possible mates, or they are really exclusive when it comes to gender identity and sexuality, as most non-queer dating sites are. You can choose either male or female for the gender you identify as, and male or female for whom you're interested in a relationship with.

If a guy says he's never been with a trans person, but he wants to try it out, just fucking punch him. This website was built in mind with cis, straight, and gay people. You are either a man seeking women, a man seeking men, a woman seeking men, or a woman seeking women. Now, I'm not saying that all monosexuals are bad and not worth dating, I'm sure there are some very accepting monosexuals.

Now, if you're not aware, trans people get fetishized... I don't know why or how this came to be, but There are many ways to spot a fetisher, the simplest being what he says.

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With more and more orientation-specific apps being released and mainstream apps catering to a wider range of sexual orientations, the world of same-sex dating has never been more accessible.Lastly, if a guy, even once, calls you by any gendered term outside of what you are comfortable with, leave him. This might be better when it comes to trans people because it doesn't include the terms "male" and "female", which we know most trans people hate. It's just probably safer if they aren't at the top of your list when thinking about potential suitors.Tinder and Grindr are notorious hookup apps, and you'd probably have more trouble there, what with all the fetishers and transphobes. For all the people that don't know what monosexual means, it's a term used for people that only experience attracting to one gender. Bisexuals, pansexuals, and self-identifying queers are your best friends.The 5 apps below are some of the most popular in the dating space as a whole, but they’re also great for gay singles.sees more than 13.5 million visits a month and has more than 1.7 million paid members, but the best part is the most popular dating site ever welcomes straight and gay singles alike.

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