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It is not enough to have the traits of a sugar daddy magnet in order to have a successful sugardaddy relationship.

Some secrets are more subtle in the sense that each sugar daddy will expect ...

It is certainly true that women are attracted to men with money and that wealthy men are at an advantage ...

read more The secrets of a great sugar relationship are commonly discovered after years of experience of living the lifestyle of a sugar baby.

Since the age of about 11, when she was only 'slightly chubby', she has felt differently about body size to everyone around her.

'I've never had any interest in being slim,' she says.

Before going further into the subject, however, some relevant vocabulary should be introduced.

But there are other telling signs that the fetish has a dedicated group of follows.

Lucy often poses wearing only bra and panties (or just panties) for living, so her weight and sizes is very well documented.

Collett currently wears 32G bra size and weighs 172 pounds.

It's only money and I can make ..more Clear Vistas Just taking a look Women without a passion for all that life has to offer need not apply. If you like to explore new places and enjoy new experiences or have a hidden sense of ..more Just Looking I'm funny, caring, have an awesome career with a Fortune 500 company. Sucessful business owner looking for a partner in life that is worthy of being trusted.

With over 4 million members to choose from, you never have to settle for less than what you deserve! Hollywood popularized the concept in films such as "How to Marry A Millionaire" and "Gentlemen Prefer Blonds." Marilyn Monroe is the quintessential sugar baby but the thing to remember is that this is the Hollywood.

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