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(1993) starring Sylvester Stallone and Sandra Bullock.

Though his videos now are computer-generated, he still draws on filmmaking fundamentals like camera panning and editing techniques.

In New York, many of the rich, famous, and fashionable have at some point hitched a ride on the now-infamous elevators to The Top of the Standard, the rooftop club that hosts some of the most exclusive parties in an already exclusive city.

What makes this abnormally notorious elevator even more memorable are two screens, on the left and the right, displaying artist Marco Brambilla's , a psychedelic journey through Earth, heaven, and hell rendered with clips and imagery from over 400 Hollywood films packed into a three minute loop.

is a sovereign city-state, country and microstate located on the French Riviera in Western Europe.

France borders the country on three sides while the other side borders the Mediterranean Sea.

Twenty-two of the twenty-eight European Union (EU) member states participate in the Schengen Area.

Of the six EU members that are not part of the Schengen Area, four – Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, and Romania – are legally obliged to join the area, while the other two – the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom – maintain opt-outs.

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Brambilla's friend Marina Ambramović called him from Upstate New York to chat about his past, present, future and why there isn't (more) sex in his videos. At the beginning of your biography you had incredible success with (1993), in Hollywood. MARCO BRAMBILLA: I felt, in Hollywood, it's very collaborative. It is hard to make something personal that you feel strongly about. I had been making experimental films when I was very young before I went to Hollywood and I found a way back into that through fine art practice.

Monaco has an area of 2.02 km a coastline of 3.83 km (2.38 mi), and a width that varies between 1,700 and 349 m (1,859 and 382 yd).

The highest point in the country is a narrow pathway named Chemin des Révoires on the slopes of Mont Agel, in the Les Révoires Ward, which is 161 metres (528 feet) above sea level.

Monaco is known as a playground for the rich and famous, due to its tax laws.

In 2014, it was noted about 30% of the population was made up of millionaires, more than in Zürich or Geneva.

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