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Meet twenty delusional dudes who thought they could fool people into thinking hot chicks would give them the time of day.There's nothing quite as romantic as spilling your heart out to a loved one in written form, and for as long as humans have been able to write, love letters have been sent back and forth all over the world. Maybe we're from different galaxies, far far away from one another.The web site provides education on their non-animal techniques for research and their program of eliminating vivisection and dissection in the classroom by offering alternatives.Their outreach program offers opportunities for interested activists to become involved. Animal Describing itself as "The online community for people concerned about the welfare and rights of animals, " this web location presents the latest in animal news, in-depth articles on related topics, information about organizations, educational and government resources, career information, suggested activist activities, links to other publications, and much more.

More » Some guys will do just about anything to get themselves a girlfriend, even if that means using Photoshop to lie to everyone they know.If it weren't for the mix up between Luke and Han's Tauntauns it would be perfect. Even Darth Vader, an evil Sith lord, couldn’t leave his son to die at the end of “Return of the Jedi”. (Even though in the Expanded Universe of the "Star Wars" novels, Fett eventually escapes, which creator George Lucas has accepted as official S-Dub cannon. Rather than send a normal letter indicating his intentions, William decided to draw pictures to form some of the text.Image Source Transcript Dear Jessica, You’ve asked me to stop writing these letters. But my simile still stands.) Please, Jessica, give you and me a try - or as wise Jedi once said, "Try not... For example, the word 'Dearest' is formed using a small picture of a dear followed by 'est'.It is also my hope that, if sharing with another Christian, it would encourage them to witness to the lost.It is also meant to uplift the Christian when going through difficult times.

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